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Ea­gle’s Nest Ham­mock: Re­lax In This Nest

Sleep­ing and nap­ping out­doors is one of the best parts of camp­ing and hik­ing. But your out­door sleep­ing habits don’t need to be con­fined ei­ther to your oc­ca­sion­al trips or a tight-fit­ting sleep­ing bag. Why not stretch out, and get off of the ground! El­e­vat­ed cots help, but bet­ter is a way to feel even more com­fort­able and up above it all. And ham­mocks are prob­a­bly the most nat­u­ral way to get some shut-eye when you’re out in the trees.

The Ea­gle’s Nest Out­fit­ters Dou­bleN­est Ham­mock can hold two peo­ple snug­ly, or is in­cred­i­bly large for a sin­gle per­son. They al­so make a small­er, sin­gle mod­el, and a va­ri­ety of oth­er gear. We were most im­pressed when we first re­ceived it, as the en­tire ham­mock weighs a bit over a pound and came wrapped up in the in­clud­ed com­pres­sion sack. When stuffed up, it’s about the size of a cou­ple of pa­per­back books- not the eas­i­est thing to get back in the sack, but a great size to take up lit­tle room in your bag, glove­box- or even your purse!

Avail­able in a sur­pris­ing ar­ray of col­ors, in­clud­ing solids like kha­ki and tra­di­tion­al navy blue plus cra­zier ones like “Ras­ta”- ours came in a mild and at­trac­tive For­est/Char­coal com­bi­na­tion. Made of ny­lon, this is the best ham­mock we’ve tried- it’s pret­ty much the ide­al de­sign for what is a mod­ern­ized ver­sion of the clas­sic net bed­ding, up­dat­ed for com­plete cov­er (sol­id fab­ric) in­stead of webbed ma­te­ri­al that you might get caught in. Ca­pa­ble of hold­ing up to 400 pounds, it sets up and un­rolls in sec­onds. You’ll want to take a cou­ple of cara­bin­ers along, of course. And it dries fast, in case of storms! Avail­able di­rect­ly from Ea­gle’s Nest Out­fit­ters, for a rea­son­able $65 with a two-year war­ran­ty.

You can lie side­ways, long­ways, and the sol­id ma­te­ri­al means it’s eas­i­er to main­tain your bal­ance, which has his­tor­i­cal­ly been tricky. They al­so sent along their At­las Ham­mock Sus­pen­sion Sys­tem- an ex­tra that makes set­up a lit­tle eas­i­er, and gives you some ex­tra room to ma­neu­ver. If you al­ready have climb­ing ropes and gear, then you might not need it, but it’s an in­cred­i­ble val­ue- hard to beat at a rea­son­able price, and inred­i­bly ad­justable. You just wrap it around your sol­id ob­ject of choice, and through any of the many loops, be­fore at­tach­ing the ham­mock it­self to any of the oth­er loops. On­ly $30, on­line and in stores.

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