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Published on May 3rd, 2011 | by Ruth


Grace Digital’s Eco Extreme: Sing Along in the Shower

We’re pret­ty ob­sessed with mu­sic around here, live shows, new tracks to down­load, CDs, you name it. We al­so like to try out new ways of re­ceiv­ing sound waves, from book­shelf sys­tems  to head­phones that en­able us to se­cret­ly lis­ten to bad pop with­out risk­ing ridicule. Some­times we need a sys­tem that can deal with waves of the aquat­ic va­ri­ety, so we tried out the Eco Ex­treme Rugged All Ter­rain Speak­er Case from Grace Dig­i­tal Au­dio.

The Eco Ex­treme case will work with pret­ty much any MP3 or cell phone
mu­sic play­er you have. Op­er­a­tions are pret­ty sim­ple- open up the
speak­er, in­sert three AA bat­ter­ies, plug your mu­sic play­er in­to the 1/8″
head­set jack, slip it in­to the mesh pock­et, and snap the case
closed. The bright­ly col­ored rub­ber speak­er-case is the size of a cou­ple
of books stacked, with a cara­bin­er at­tached for easy haul­ing. The
var­i­ous cit­rus-col­ored op­tions make it pret­ty hard to leave be­hind at a
camp­site- ours was Lime Green, but oth­ers in­clude Lemon Zest and Or­ange Peel. If you want to be
bor­ing with it, there’s al­so a Jet Black op­tion.

Some of of us love pump­ing up tunes and singing along while
show­er­ing, so we tried the Eco Ex­treme in a more ur­ban set­ting- our
bath­room. The cara­bin­er clipped eas­i­ly to the show­er door (We sus­pect it
would be great on a tent as well.), and we were sur­prised by the amount
of sound it pumped out. The sound qual­i­ty is on­ly so-so, but pret­ty
much per­fect for singing along to “Just Dance” while suds­ing up. Be­cause
the sys­tem is bat­tery op­er­at­ed, it doesn’t charge your phone while it
use, un­like some oth­er docks we’ve tried, so make sure to ful­ly charge
in ad­vance, or you’ll be out of mu­sic pret­ty quick­ly. We’re not sure if
we’d be thrilled with the val­ue at the list­ed price of $50, but for $38 on Ama­zon, it’s a pret­ty de­cent mu­sic ma­chine. We might’ve liked some track con­trol op­tions on the case, since ac­cess­ing the de­vice in­side is a bit dif­fi­cult, but it’s easy and sol­id.

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