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Published on June 20th, 2017 | by anatol


Thule’s Yepp Maxi EasyFit: Safe & Comfortable

For most of lower Manhattan, the fastest way to commute is by bicycle. Even with a toddler, it’s probably still true- since it is impossible to have a quick walk, and strollers have their issues in both the subway or on crowed sidewalks. After a great experience with a front seat carrier, our son finally grew out if it, and clearly it was time to find another option, like a back seat carrier. Today’s was made and developed in the Netherlands, one of the homes of bike commuting.

One of the most popular options on the market is the Yepp Maxi Easyfit, from a company acquired last year by Thule. And at first, it’s easy to fear that your child might refuse to switch from the front to the back; who wouldn’t love a front-row full view? Thankfully, the fancy design and comfortable seat made our toddler tester curious and eased the transition. The material is very soft and rubbery, similar to a yoga mat, and ideal for rainy conditions since it repeals water better than fabric. Plus, it’s plush softness helps absorbs shocks! It’s a pretty nice throne, with plenty of room for growth, but a side rest or additional support around the head might have been nice for the occasional snooze.

The seat weighs only 4.5 kg (9.9 lb) but together with the adapter (and your child of course), it can take some getting used to the shifts in balance. You’ll notice it especially when standing and on sharp turns. No mishaps so far (knock on wood), but some videos and reports of other friends say that the seat does a solid job of protecting the kid like a cocoon. It also has the German GS-Certificate, one of the strictest safety regulations in the world.

With the new weight it is quite a challenge to get your toddler well-situated on the back seat. With a double kickstand it should be easy, but without one, you’ll need practice, patience, and good body control. Or perhaps a couple of extra hands or a helper, since you need two hands to hold your toddler and also two hands to fasten the seat belts and foot straps. We’ve seen one-handed clasps solutions on the market, which might help address the small issue. Other than that it is a safe five-point harness with nice padding around the shoulder area, and adjustable straps. The Maxi is designed and tested for ages nine months up to 6 years (or alternatively a weight up to 48.5 pounds/22 kg).

When you lock up your bike, you can also protect the Yepp Maxi with the included lock. It comes with two small keys, which are a bit fiddly. More important, there is no way to really protect the screws on the adapter- if someone really wants to, they’ll be able to detach it. Compared to other back seats, visibility is excellent, and you’ll also get plenty of attention thanks to not only the bright color but also multiple reflectors on the back and on the rear of the foot rests. Keep in mind that you will likely need an additional adapter, unless you already have a rack with a cutout for the Easyfit. If not, Yepp has solutions for basically every type of bike. Expect to spend around $39.95 for the adapter and around $199.95 for the Thule Yepp Maxi Fit online and in stores.

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