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Published on February 8th, 2011 | by Gbemiga


Ful Roadie: A Duffel With More

We reg­u­lar­ly trav­el, be­tween tech tradeshows and wine tast­ings. Next week, we’ll be at­tend­ing the NYC Toy Fair, and there’s al­ways the obli­ga­to­ry trips home to fam­i­ly, sum­mer va­ca­tions, and overnight stays in Tahoe. And one item makes more of a dif­fer­ence when on the go than any oth­er (ex­cept, per­haps, our lap­tops): lug­gage.

Ful (pro­nounced fu­el) makes a wide va­ri­ety of duf­fels, mes­sen­ger bags, slings and back­packs. You’ve prob­a­bly seen var­i­ous fa­mous mu­si­cians car­ry­ing them around, and the bags are tagged with var­i­ous names like Heart­break­er and Brick­house. We haven’t had a chance to check them out be­fore, but re­cent­ly have been putting theFul Road­ie Duf­fel through the paces. And we’re hap­py to re­port that it is among the bet­ter duf­fels we’ve used, es­pe­cial­ly in this price range.

On open­ing the Road­ie you are first greet­ed with two large ca­pac­i­ty com­part­ments, which are just great for those of us who like to have their lug­gage or­ga­nized. Com­pres­sion straps held things down and pre­vent­ed items from mov­ing about or shift­ing. In­side and out­side the Road­ie were mul­ti­ple pock­ets that were just great for small­er ob­jects, and the large pock­et on the front was per­fect for mag­a­zines and board­ing pass­es, for things we need­ed to get at quick­ly and eas­i­ly.

The Road­ie al­so comes with a re­tractable han­dle and in­line wheels. We would’ve pre­ferred a more durable han­dle, as this one feels a bit cheap and wob­bles a bit. The wheels al­so could’ve used an up­grade. Larg­er bags tend to get heavy and eas­i­ly un­bal­anced, and the Road­ie wasn’t im­mune to bal­ance is­sues. But stair han­dling was good, and the wheels were smooth, mak­ing the bag easy to pull around cor­ners. We were able to pack a ton in­side, and eas­i­ly get at the con­tents. Zip­pers were so-so though; we’ve seen bet­ter and worse and duf­fels do tend to get strained a bit. Han­dle place­ment is smart, and though they could’ve used a bit of cush­ion­ing or grip, they got the job done. Our bag was red, though a va­ri­ety of col­ors are avail­able (even if they don’t seem to show up on their site).

With all its fea­tures, we know you’ll en­joy the good-look­ing Road­ie, even if you’re not on tour. The Road­ie comes with a one year war­ran­ty and runs around $100-$120, wide­ly avail­able on­line.

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