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JVC Adixxion Action Camera: Take It Anywhere!

It is finally warm outside! Now if only it will stop raining, then we can do all the amazing things we have been dreaming about during the cold months. But what is better than doing all the awesome crazy things you have been dreaming about? Doing them, but recording it at the same time.

The JVC XX ADIXXION HD Action Camera is your perfect partner for active cinematography. Want to go to the park and pull some tricks on your bike or skateboard? Just strap it to your handlebars and document your success. At the beach, this one plays well in sand and water, and shrugs off unfriendly conditions and environments. This tiny, easily mountable camera can go anywhere, since it is waterproof (down to five meters/ 16.4 feet), shockproof (can fall from two meters/6.5 feet), dustproof, and freezeproof. The built-in standard tripod screw mean you can easily use existing accessories without needing to buy custom extras.

So, how is the video? Pretty solid, actually, and it shoots at true HD- 1920×1080. I think it is perfect for the average outdoors lover who doesn’t want to bring along or risk using their smartphone. While the GC-XA1 offers a 5X digital zoom, it is really just a very wide angle (slightly fisheye) lens. I found the white balance to be spot on, and fairly responsive to changing conditions, an issue we’ve had with other action cams. You can do timelapses easily too, and take 5 megapixel still images.

One big advantage: this model comes with an image stabilizer. This makes a big difference since most the time you will be using this you will be handheld or strapping it to a moving object. Another fabulous thing about this camera is that it comes with an LCD screen, whereas many others do not. You can actually see your footage as you take it. One note: the lens cap can be a little hard to take off; but we liked that one was included. We found the battery life to last about two to three hours, and is charged with via USB. You’ll need to purchase separately an SD/SDHC/SDXC card to hold your videos.

Onboard controls are better than some models we’ve seen, though there is no included remote. They worked around that thanks to a wireless connection, a wi-fi feature that lets you control your camera from afar via iOS and Android apps. They also allow you to upload your videos straight to your phone, but it’s a pain to setup. It’s a solid idea, and we’ve started seeing it on other competitors, but we did face technical issues and the instructions were not crystal clear. Versus our recent contender, the Liquid Image Ego, this one is a bit bigger but felt more rugged, and the included display is handy. Against the Drift HD720, the JVC Adixxion offers better video quality and easier onboard controls with wifi connectivity, but lacks the remote.

Overall, the JVC XX fun little camera. Competitively priced at $200 or so, and well worth a look in a crowded field of action cameras!

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