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Published on June 12th, 2013 | by Kira


Tenba Executive: Making Backpacks Classy

Photographers are always on the go, covering one event or another, trying to capture the right scene at the right time. In one day it is not unreasonable for me to work up to three or four different jobs, run all over the city, and still get bubble teas with friends. Unfortunately, this also means I normally am taking my life with me everywhere I go. This can be challenging if I do not have the right bag to do this with.

Fortunately, the Tenba Roadie Executive Backpack just came out. We’ve tried several other Tenba bags before, and tend to turn to them when we’re trying to carry quite a bit of gear and want to do it with ease, like with their excellent daypack we reviewed or their Messenger Mini. The Roadie line offers quite a few options, including rollers like the Roadie II that we still use regularly. The new Executive Backpack will help you organize your life and help you take it with you while you are on the go, and is a classy, professional backpack that is still comfortable and great for serious travel.

With three main compartments and a few smaller pockets you can easily take up to a 15″ laptop, a change of clothing or two, a DSLR camera, iPad/tablet, all your pens, wallet, and passport anywhere you wish to go. What is really nice is that the Tenba Roadie Executive keeps its shape even when packed to the max. With its classic, almost briefcase, finish and the fact the it does not bulge when it is over backed, it is easily presentable at business meetings. This is golden for me, because a lot of my running around has to do with meeting clients. I have to look professional, and this backpack let’s me do that while still toting all my needed belongings.

The Tenba Roadie Executive is also the perfect size for flying. It will fit under the seats and easily sit above as a carry-on, even when full! I only have two complaints with this bag. One, I find the shoulder straps to not be as comfortable as I would like. In fact for a bag that is expected to get heavy it would be nice to have a waist and chest clip to take some of the weight off the shoulders. I am a small girl, and I find those things make a big difference. Also, everywhere you look says you can take a DSLR camera around in this bag, and while it will fit, this bag is not a camera bag. It does not come with any of the padding that a camera bag has, though it does have a padded laptop compartment.

Otherwise, this sturdy bag is a keeper, with its solid zippers, trolley strap to easily attach it to your other luggage, and weather proof bottom that makes putting it down anywhere stress free. The Executive is not an inexpensive bag at $170, but quality is never cheap.

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