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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Airina


Securely Pedal Your Furry Companion With DoggyRide’s Amsterdam’s Cocoon Carrier

With warm weather in the air, the cyclists are out and we’ve begun to plan our summer bike trips. So why should leave your furry companion at home while you get to have all the outdoor fun? Fortunately, the folks at DutchDog have designed the DoggyRide Cocoon Bicycle Carrier for small dogs weighing 16lbs or less. Although we at TrulyOutdoors didn’t find a puppy willing to test the Cocoon, Lily, a 5-pound Balinese cat of no apparent neuroses and a sweet disposition happily volunteered.

We were immediately impressed with the sturdy construction of the Cocoon carrier. The bottom and sides are firm, yet cushioned, providing comfort and security to any small pet. Handy side pockets allow for transportation of food and other pet accessories. Perhaps most importantly, the Cocoon has an interior safety leash that can be attached to your pet’s collar to prevent crafty and potentially dangerous escapes, though it didn’t feel strong enough to restrain a larger dog who really wanted to dash.

The Cocoon carrier securely clips to the KLICKfix connector (included), which took only about five minutes to install to our handlebars. We did have some initial trouble clipping the Cocoon to the connector because of interference from our bike’s front lights and reflectors, so you may wish to consider whether your bike accessories will be a hindrance to installation of the Cocoon before planning your next pet-friendly cycling excursion.

We were committed though! After taking some time getting used to the Cocoon indoors (this product can double as an exciting hide-and-seek pod!), she decided it was time for her first bicycle adventure. She was impressed with how little the Cocoon shifted during our ride, and felt calm and secure throughout our trip. Lily enjoyed the Cocoon’s nicely-designed raised dome top cover, as it allowed for plenty of air flow and front-row views of squirrels, birds, other pets and passersby. Lily rode comfortably in style, and loved her first trip outdoors as a young cat. She was also very pleased that the Cocoon comes with a rain cover to keep her pristine coat dry on dreary days (though it does take a bit of work to set up, since it requires careful alignment with the zippers).

Upon arrival, we simply attached the sturdy carrying strap to the Cocoon, unclipped it from the handlebars, and found ourselves with a spacious and comfortable pet carrier. It’s heavy- over four pounds, so a bit hefty to carry around for longer trips and also likely to change the balance of your bicycle. Also, the interior is black- which looks cleaner, but definitely gets hot during the summertime, and made us a bit worried about those hot days when pets appreciate a cooler environment. Available in red or green (though out of stock at press time), the DoggyRide Cocoon runs around for about $110 online, and is a great way to spend quality outdoor time with your best companion.

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