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Published on May 13th, 2013 | by Greg


Raw Power On The Tennis Court: Prince EXO3 Warrior

Earlier this month, we looked at a tennis racquet that offered excellent spin, from multiple angles. It took some getting used to, and wasn’t a great beginner model. Like we said then: “Speed. Control. Spin. These are the basics of tennis, and generally, you’re going to fall into one of the three camps. If you’re really good, you might be able to get two of the three. Only the professionals can achieve top marks in all three categories, and we confess that we’re not pros here.” But if the Wilson Steam was all about spin, then today’s racket checks the box for pure speed.

The Prince EXO3 Warrior is a nice round 100 square inch model, slightly smaller than the 105-inch Steam. The difference is slight for the most part, though if you’re coming from the 110-inch EXO3 model we checked out almost a year ago, you’ll feel it a bit more. It’s a little heavier than it’s predecessor model as well, coming in at 300 grams or 10.6 ounces unstrung. The head is lighter as well, which means that you’ll have to hit a bit harder but can worry less about overshooting. This balance is perfect for aggressive players who favor adding a lot of force, as it feels pretty soft and forgiving, capable of absorbing and redirecting that power quite nicely. There’s spin too- we were able to get some good topspin performance especially.

If you like to move around a lot and favor a faster game and swing, then this is a great choice. Like the Steam, it definitely is aimed at more aggressive players- if you’re a heavy baseline player who likes to hang back, then it might not offer quite the control you seek. But it can certainly add a lot of zip during returns, and we found that for both men and women, it offered superior service performance. Comfortable, stable, and a solid overall performer, it’s a good intermediate to advanced racquet for a player who is looking for a little punch and enjoys a high-pace game. Beginners should look more towards the EXO3 Warrior Team model or the Warrior DB Team slightly softer play.

Available for around $190 online and in stores, the Prince Warrior EX03 should set your tennis game up nicely for some summer sets.

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