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Published on January 20th, 2011 | by Rita


Hydrate in Style with CamelBak and prAna

Here at Tru­ly Out­doors we are al­ways in fa­vor of gear that has mul­ti­ple us­es. Back­packs that go from city to for­est with­out break­ing a sweat al­ways land in our fa­vor, as do things like shoes that per­form equal­ly well in ur­ban or wilder­ness set­tings, or dish­es and cook wear that per­form as well in a kitchen as they do on a camp­fire. When the op­por­tu­ni­ty to give a cou­ple of new Camel­Bak bags and some new clothes from prAna a try, we im­me­di­ate­ly start­ed look­ing for ways to use both out­side if their in­tend­ed pur­pos­es.

Cloth­ing is easy. prAna cloth­ing is ex­cep­tion­al­ly easy. Ev­ery­thing they de­sign is meant to be used in a whole ar­ray of ac­tiv­i­ties; things like yo­ga, hik­ing, climb­ing, and ur­ban ex­plo­ration. Specif­i­cal­ly we tried out the Bliss Capri Pants, which are tout­ed to be for climb­ing (okay, hik­ing and trav­el too.) Be­lieve me, they were ab­so­lute­ly used for climb­ing, and we loved them for climb­ing. Ours are black, and they have this nice crisp, stretchy feel to the fab­ric that makes them easy to get chalk off of, as well as ap­pro­pri­ate for an evening out on the town in­stead of the crag.

The pants are a bit roomy, both of our testers wear a size 2-4, and both agreed that the XS would have been a bet­ter fit. Even with the ex­tra room the pants still looked very nice on, and one of the beau­ti­ful things about capris is that in­seam is less of a con­cern. $50 or less on Ama­zon, these are cer­tain­ly ver­sa­tile enough to make that a great buy!

Al­so from prAna we tried out the Lu­cia Sweater in the love­ly espres­so col­or. There are a lot of things to love about this sweater. It’s a wool blend, which makes it very warm, with­out be­ing scratchy. It’s lined with a very light fleece, which lends it­self to hikes very nice­ly. The neck is high­er than a mock turtle­neck, but not quite as tall as a reg­u­lar turtle­neck. There are in­ter­est­ing de­sign de­tails that keep it from be­ing a plain sweater. Once again, this sweater goes from the out­doors to in­door set­tings like movie the­aters or din­ner as seam­less­ly as the pants do. You can find the Lu­cia Sweater on Ama­zon for around $100.

Our one gripe about this sweater is that the sleeves are not any­where near as gen­er­ous as the sweater’s de­scrip­tion makes it sound. For most peo­ple this won’t be a prob­lem, and for some the sleeves will un­doubt­ed­ly be too long. How­ev­er, for those who have very long arms be pre­pared for the same plight as all of your oth­er long sleeve shirts. For­tu­nate­ly, the sleeves are pushed up easy enough. We’d hoped that a com­pa­ny that is geared to some de­gree to climbers would have sym­pa­thy for the very long-armed con­sumer.

This brings us now to one of our fa­vorite kinds of bag, the Camel­Bak. What is not to love about a bag that pro­vides a means to al­ways have wa­ter with you? We test­ed out two dif­fer­ent bags, both new to the Camel­Bak line­up, and both us­ing the new An­ti­dote blad­der. Be­fore we get in­to the spe­cif­ic bags, the blad­der is re­al­ly the un­sung hero of both bags. The new blad­ders fea­ture a quick-snap cap, once you line it up it tight­ens en­tire­ly in just a quar­ter turn, and the open and closed po­si­tions are both clear­ly marked, so it’s easy to see and feel if you’re not locked in. The new blad­ders are low-pro­file, and they’ve man­aged to cut even more weight off of the over­all to­tal, which is im­pres­sive.

First is a bag that we specif­i­cal­ly re­quest­ed for the pur­pose of wear­ing while climb­ing. It was a tall or­der, and while Camel­Bak (or any oth­er hy­dra­tion com­pa­ny) does not make a bag specif­i­cal­ly to wear while climb­ing, they did their best to ac­com­mo­date. What re­sult­ed was the 2011 Au­ro­ra Wom­en’s Bike Hy­dra­tion Pack.

This small, sporty pack is de­signed specif­i­cal­ly for wom­en, with nar­row shoul­ders and a high­er waist than a pack for men. The blad­der holds a gen­er­ous 70 oz. of wa­ter, and there is still room for a cou­ple of pock­ets which are big enough for phone, wal­let, keys, etc. We found that it’s still a bit bulky for sin­gle-pitch sport climbs, but would prob­a­bly work quite well for a longer mul­ti-pitch climb. In ad­di­tion to be­ing a great bag to wear while bik­ing, it’s al­so fan­tas­tic for car­ry­ing around town on a dai­ly ba­sis and for short hikes. The small size makes it al­most com­plete­ly non-in­tru­sive, and even with a full blad­der it weighs very lit­tle. It comes in three dif­fer­ent col­or com­bi­na­tions, ours is blue shad­ow/dream blue. The Au­ro­ra is avail­able on Ama­zon for $54 in all three col­ors.

In ad­di­tion to the Au­ro­ra, we al­so had the plea­sure of test­ing out the 2011 Wom­en’s Aven­tu­ra, which is big­ger than a stan­dard back­pack, and small­er than a full-size camp­ing bag. Again, this is a wom­en’s bag, with nar­row­er shoul­der straps, and an “S-curve” har­ness. Hon­est­ly, there are al­most too many things that we love about this bag to list. The high­lights in­clude the dry pock­et for sun­glass­es, phone or small point and shoot cam­era, the gen­er­ous side pock­ets, a se­mi-load bear­ing belt and best is the N.V.I.S (say it out­loud: en­vi­ous, which is what all of your friends are go­ing to be when they see it) mesh back that keeps air mov­ing across your back re­gard­less of how hot and hu­mid your hike is. We’ve test­ed this bag re­peat­ed­ly in the jun­gles and rain forests here in Hawaii, it’s a dream to hike with.

The blad­der, again a new An­ti­dote, is a 100oz. or 3L bag, and you re­al­ly have to work pret­ty hard to drain the en­tire thing. The best you can hope is that your friends all have their own 2 or 3L bags, or they’ll be hound­ing you for your wa­ter by the end of a long hike. De­signed to car­ry food, wa­ter, ex­tra lay­ers, me­dia and trekking poles or an ice axe. We’ve yet to take it on a flight, but our guess is that this bag will eas­i­ly pass car­ry-on stan­dards, which will al­so make it a de­light­ful bag to trav­el with. The Aven­tu­ra comes in two col­ors, our is a beau­ti­ful blue. We love it to bits, it match­es our new quick­drawsYou can find the Aven­tu­ra on Ama­zon for $112.

Drop us a line, let us know your fa­vorite out­door gear, es­pe­cial­ly if you use it in an un­con­ven­tion­al way! As al­ways, be safe and have fun in any­thing you do!

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