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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by Kira


Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers: The Smart Handyman’s Choice

I had to build a set the other day for a photography shoot. As anyone who has tried to work with me on any similar tasks can attest, my team quickly realized that mechanical skills are not exactly my forte. But whether it’s assembling furniture or opening bottles, I still have to do a fair number of similar tasks- even though I’m not a tool collector.

If you are like me, then you know that you’ll need to have a small collection of effective tools, even if you hope to avoid them most the time. The best way to achieve this is to have all-in-one handyman toolsets. One fabulous such item is the Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool. This tool is like an enlarged pocket knife at four inches; you’ve doubtless seen many such items.

It comes with the standard parts: pliers, two flat head screwdrivers, a phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, and of course a partly serrated blade. I found all tools to be effective, even the tiny scissors can easily cut through paper and some twine. But this is not all! The pliers are spring loaded, which you often do not find in multi-tools, yet it makes using them much easier. The grip on the Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool is more sophisticated than most and comes with solid rubber handles that fits nicely into your hand. While these are great features, the best by far is the pair of very bright LED lights, one on each end of the tool. It works out so that there is one almost perfectly aimed at the tip of the pliers and one for the blade. This way you always have light, even while rummaging underneath of counters or cabinets. No more need to balance a flashlight and your tools.

The Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool is a well made, smart, and effective tool, for only $39. It’s bigger than some competitors, but offers a bit more grip space, superior lighting, and much better tools than cheaper brethren.

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