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Published on January 22nd, 2013 | by Kira


Tenba Messenger Mini: Your Everything Bag

It is hard not to love bags. Just the other day, I made friends with a woman because she liked my backpack and I complimented her colorful suitcase. But I am not a normal girl- I don’t care much for the new cute purses that hit the shelves; instead, I drool over backpacks, laptop bags, and especially camera bags.

Like many New Yorkers, I am one of those people who live with a backpack or messenger bag strapped to my body. I often take most of my important belongings with me: a laptop, iPad, science book, or camera. You never know when you will need to research that new cool thing, check email, show off your pictures, get some extra reading in, or capture that perfect shot. I like to tell people I am a boy scout: always prepared! So, when I go looking for a new bag I want one that can keep up with me. Something that can hold a lot of gear, but not be too heavy or bulky.

This is when Greg handed me the Tenba Messenger Bag Mini (he handed me a grey/platinum one, but there are many other great colors you can choose from: black, olive, blue, burnt orange, plum, or chocolate). This all-purpose messenger bag has room for a DSLR camera body, three lenses, a 13-inch laptop or iPad/Tablet as well as all of your odds and ends. While the bag is not waterproof, nor comes with a rain wrap, it is weatherproof and has a very sturdy thick bottom so you can place the bag on the ground outside without worrying about water seeping in. Overall, the bag looks and feels well-made and hardy. The only part I worry about a little bit is the strap. While the strap is fairly thick, I still felt like it cut into me a little while the bag is fully loaded.

The best part  about this camera bag is the quick access zipper. This is pure genius. What is the point of running around everywhere with your camera if you can not get to it fast enough to get the shot. Well, with the quick access zipper at the top of the bag you no longer have to take your bag off, unclip, zip, and maybe even un-velcro to grab your camera. It is just a quick zip, grab, and shoot. You are a lot less likely to miss those moments now and be a lot more inconspicuous about it. Speaking of which, the stealthiness is another great quality of this bag- it does not look like a camera bag. While it may not lay as fat as some messenger bag while it is full, it hardly screams: “I have expensive gear! Please rob me!” Instead, this could just be any other bag that a New Yorker is beating around with. On the other hand, the Tenba Messenger Bag Mini is not the most fashion forward bag. It won’t dress up your look or complete your look. It is more of a practical bag, which certainly can have its pluses.

The Messenger Bag Mini can also double as a normal messenger bag. You can easily take out the camera dividers from the main section of the bag if you choose to carry around other things. Camera bags come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, purposes, and prices. The Tenba Messenger Bag Mini is on the higher end for carry around bags at $159, but you will be happy with its superb quality and ingenious quick access zipper. It has quickly become one of my more used camera bags.

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