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Published on January 17th, 2013 | by Kira


ABUS Steel-O-Flex 1000: Solid Security

Being a cyclist in New York City has its positives and negatives. Depending on time of day and your route, sometimes biking to your destination is significantly faster than public transit. It keeps you in great shape, and, heck, it is fun! However, there are a few negatives. For starters, the weather isn’t always nice, and it can be annoying to ride in the rain or cold. A bigger issue, though, is keeping your bike safe. Bike theft in NYC is fairly common, and I have gotten to the point of just bringing my bike inside wherever I am going with me.

There are a few solutions on the market that will help you keep your bike. Today, we’re looking at the armored ABUS Granit Steel-O-Flex 1000 lock. This coil lock has earned a gold standard security rating because of its ability to hold up against serious attacks. We’ve reviewed ABUS locks before, and appreciate the German construction and wide range of options. The best part of this hefty lock (1.85 kilograms or a bit over four pounds) is the balance of flexibility and security, with a wide diameter of 100 centimeters (a bit over three feet). This is ideal because it gives you more options of things you can lock it around, unlike many of its competitors which tend to be smaller. Instead of looking for the nearest sign, or trying to find a small post, you’re now freed up to use a lamp post as a possible parking option.

You can also wear the Steel-O-Flex around your waist (unless you are as small as me, then it just falls off your hips), which is not the safest option, but is very convenient and takes the weight off your back. But there is a negative to the size and shape of this lock- it’s hard to carry in a bag, or and takes up a lot of space. Bike messengers and serious cyclists can appreciate a heavy-duty lock meant for areas where bike theft is an issue- if your bike is relatively inexpensive, though, it probably makes more sense to look at their other models.

If you are to looking for a coil/cable-style lock, this is one of the best options out there. Like all well-made bike locks, expect to spend a bit on security- the ABUS Granit Steel-O-Flex 1000 runs $101 or so.

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