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Published on October 10th, 2012 | by Kira


Skatecycle: Transportation Has Never Been More Brooklyn

Like all the kids my age, growing up I wanted to have a skateboard- both as a primary means of transportation and a tool for showing off. Sadly, I was pretty bad at it, and even broke a sliding glass door by failing at an ollie. I decided that dating skaters was better for my health and my wallet than being one myself, but that does not mean I don’t envy skaters and occasionally seek out alternative modes of transit to try out.

So, if there is a new toy I can test out and possibly get injured using, I say bring it on! The Freerider Skatecycle from Brooklyn Workshop is perfect. This sleek invention won the Bronze medal at the 2010 IDEA Awards, and for a good reason. It is something you have never seen before, combining a bit of skateboards, snowboards, bikes, and casterboards all in one. The nine-inch polyurethane wheels go around each foot and can fold in for easy carrying. The wheels are connected via a double-jointed, twisting axle. You can pretty much move each foot independently of the other, rotating and side to side. Weighing only 7.5 pounds, the aluminum rims and frame are very sturdy, but not too heavy. I found it fairly easy to carry bent in half over one of my shoulders. However, I found my bony shoulders got a little sore from carrying around, if I hauled it around too often (and there isn’t another easy way to manage it).

Just like a skateboard you can dress up the frame and rims of the Freerider Skatecycle in a multitude of fun and creative looks and designs. However, even the plain white original Skatecycle is really cool to look at. Taking this thing out for a spin is a great way to meet people, or at least get curious glances- we found that people kept stopping us and asking what we were riding when we took it out. There really is nothing quite like it out there.

Much like a skateboard (or a unicycle), the Freerider Skatecycle isn’t something that you just jump on and master in ten minutes. This isn’t a scooter, and even those who have been rollerblading and boarding before will have some trouble getting the hang of it. Just getting up on the wheels took some time for me. However, after a day with it we were seeing some improvements- it’s not a natural feeling though, and don’t expect to be doing tricks quickly. Be prepared to give yourself a fairly large learning curve on this one, and expect some frustration.

Compared with a basic scooter or board, it’s not cheap, but certainly a reasonable price for a badass piece of gear. The Skatecycle runs about $145. Keep in mind, that this design is a little more complicated than skateboards and casterboards. If you are looking to try a new one of a kind model of transportation or want to ask for a really cool holiday present this year, the Freerider Skatecycle might be your answer.

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