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Published on September 13th, 2012 | by Kira


Slumberjack: Sleeping Better While On The Go

Mov­ing in­to your own place can be ex­cit­ing, but al­so stress­ful. It’s a chance to be cre­ative, and it’s ex­cit­ing to have a bit more con­trol over your en­vi­ron­ment. But liv­ing in New York comes with one com­mon prob­lem: ev­ery­one else is al­most as ex­cit­ed about your place as you are. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and love see­ing them, but hav­ing your own place in NYC means that peo­ple are much more like­ly to vis­it… and I on­ly have a stu­dio, so of­fer­ing ac­com­mo­da­tions to vis­i­tors has in­volved blan­kets, floors, sleep­ing bags and cre­ative so­lu­tions.

Un­til my friends buy me a fu­ton, they are get­ting a cot. The Slum­ber­jack Big Cot has been a great ad­di­tion to my home for guests. It is ex­tra long (di­men­sions:32 x 82 x 19 in) and holds up to 325 lbs, which is great for when I want­ed to sit on it with my ex-pro foot­ball play­er friend (he is se­ri­ous­ly the biggest per­son I know, but isn’t any­where close to 325 lbs). The cot is very easy to set up (just fold out), and seems to have good stitch­ing (600D x 300D polyester). The last two poles can be a lit­tle tough to get in­to place, but in the end they make sure the cot is nice and tight, with no wob­bles in the night. One im­por­tant note is that the fab­ric does look like if a tear oc­curred it would rip through the whole cot pret­ty eas­i­ly. Fi­nal­ly, it has a ‘no-squeak’ alu­minum frame, which is great for a light sleep­er like me.

The cot can be a lit­tle stiff by it­self, but is per­fect with an air mat­tress or egg crate foam over it. It al­so seems like it has loos­ened up a lit­tle dur­ing the time I have owned it. The oth­er great part about this cot- it comes with a pret­ty big stor­age space! This is re­al­ly use­ful for the small things my guests bring, but I can see it be­ing even more use­ful while camp­ing, quite like­ly the nor­mal pur­pose of the cot. We did take it out on one trip, but since much of our camp­ing is lightweight, back­pack-style, this cot was a bit too much to car­ry for that sort of out­ing. But we do know that it is all too easy to lose things while camp­ing, get­ting them dirty or wet. Hav­ing this ex­tra per­son­al space is very use­ful. Over all, as one would ex­pect, this cot is as equal­ly great for camp­ing as it is for my guests. At 20 pounds, though, you’ll want a car or ve­hi­cle to trans­port it- and then you can camp in lux­u­ry.

The Slum­ber­jack Big Cot is priced pret­ty mid­dle of the road at $90 and your body- or your house guests- will love you for the pur­chase.

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