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Bring The Kitchen With You, Thanks to New GSI Outdoors Gear

As we head into spring, a reborn interest (besides warmer weather and swimming) will be camping gear. For those that think of camping trips as family disasters or snipe-hunting, consider a pseudo-picnic trip just to use our featured products.

We all know that when camping, the key is to bring along the most portable and weather-resistant travel gear possible. This can make the difference between a successful adventure or a bonafide disaster. We’ve seen GSI Outdoors gear before, both the excellent and the not-so-good. Their cookware was good before, but a bit too much for a two-person journey. The GSI Halulite Microdualist can provide for you and your closest traveling companion (whether a human or wild animal). The set includes a 1.4 L pot, strainer lid, 2-14 fl. ounce insulated mugs, 2-14 fl. ounce. bowls, 2 slip-it tops, 2 telescoping foons, and a small bag. What’s a foon? Think spork, but perhaps more cute.

The magic is in the Halulite, as light as a feather or, in camping terminology, Titanium. Halulite conducts heat efficiently and evenly so you can cook food faster, better, and with less hassle. The set is also anodized to produce a tough as nails surface that withstands the hardships of the rugged outdoors. The crushproof lid is made of BPA-free resin that prevents deformation of your pot and lid- crucial when shoving it in a minimalist backpack. This ingenious dishware set packs up quite snug, and was lightweight and compact enough for us to transport and left us room in our backpacks for other necessary gear.

We loved that parts of the set usually played two roles as in the case of the bowls doubling as mugs and vice-versa. Simplicity is the art of camping and in this case, cooking. The folding handle locks into place for cooking and with the slip-it tops we didn’t have to worry about unfortunate spills. Our coffee stayed hot in the insulated sleeve and the welded stuff stack holds the set in your backpack but doubles as your sink. The price didn’t hurt, either. At around $49.00 directly from GSI, it’s a worthwhile investment for camping enthusiasts who plan on eating more than granola bars.

While on the subject of camping gear, GSI has also introduced their Collapsible Java Drip. For coffee drinkers, this will make on-the-go java easy and provide an extra bit of energy for your hikes. We always appreciate a well-thought out designs and this one does not disappoint. A collapsible drip cone holds a #4 filter to brew enough java for 1-12 cups of coffee. The brewing was certainly stable as the flanged design helped to center the drip cone over our mug to produce a piping hot liquid delight.

The size was certainly a plus at only 1” inch thick and 5.6” inches in diameter when collapsed. The vented lid holds in heat while brewing and doubles as a trivet when you are finished. We found this online at Amazon and directly from GSI at around $13- a handy french press makes better brew, but would add extra weight and bulk. And it’s much cheaper and easier than the stand-alone BrewFire. For those concerned with traveling light, and who don’t already have a press attachment like the one we reviewed, the Java Drip will do the trick nicely.

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