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Published on September 4th, 2012 | by Kira


Sierra Designs: Two Sleeping Bags In One!

You know what is bet­ter than a week­end in the city, es­pe­cial­ly over hol­i­days like La­bor Day? A week­end not in the city, camp­ing in the woods! I know I need a good break from this con­cert jun­gle from time to time for re­al green space. While I nor­mal­ly go camp­ing down in Mary­land with my Dad, there are quite a few parks not too far from New York City. Stat­en Is­land has some space and one can pop over to Sandy Hook pret­ty eas­i­ly. If you are will­ing to trav­el a bit more there are many more op­tions: Fahne­stock State Park, the Poconos Moun­tains, or the Wild­wood State Park. Now you just have to make sure you have the right gear!

I am as­sum­ing ev­ery­one ran out and got the Moun­tain­smith Gene­see – four per­son tent and the rE­volve chair af­ter I re­viewed them. So, we will fo­cus on your new sleep­ing bag. I will be hon­est, I am not much of a year round camper. A lightweight, I do not han­dle the cold very well. But if I was to pick up a year round camp­ing the Sier­ra De­signs Py­ro Ma­ni­ac 15/30 De­gree Sleep­ing Bag would be on the top of my list to use. This bag se­ri­ous­ly has all the bells and whis­tles, and plen­ty of in­su­la­tion!

For starters, as a per­son who sleeps un­der a down com­forter year round, the 600+fill goose down just makes me gid­dy. Noth­ing is warmer than down, it is very com­fort­able, and it is eas­i­ly com­pressed for pack­ing. With this bag on­ly weigh­ing in at 2 pounds and 13 ounces, you can com­fort­ably take it back­pack­ing, which means com­pres­sion and ver­sa­til­i­ty is key. The Py­ro Ma­ni­ac is rat­ed 15/30 de­grees, which makes this a three sea­son bag and it is like you are get­ting two sleep­ing bags for the price of one! The du­al tem­per­a­ture tech­nol­o­gy is a re­mov­able baf­fled down tor­so pan­el. There is a top pock­et that eas­i­ly snaps open or closed over the tor­so where this pan­el can be tak­en in and out. If you de­cide it is a warmer night and wish to take the pan­el out, there is a pock­et un­der the hood that you can put the pan­el in­to if you wish to use it as a pil­low.

This mum­my-style sleep­ing bag looks a bit like a co­coon, es­pe­cial­ly with the hood. To be hon­est, I am not the biggest fan of this shape for sleep­ing bags, as I move around a lot in my sleep and like to spread out. How­ev­er, for con­serv­ing and keep­ing warm, this shape, style, and the hood with the draw­strings is very ef­fec­tive. I was al­so hap­py to see that the zip­pers, which seem to be very stur­dy and snag-free, let you un­zip them from both sides giv­ing you the op­tion to have ven­ti­la­tion if you so de­sire.

The Sier­ra De­signs Py­ro Ma­ni­ac 15/30 De­gree Sleep­ing Bag is priced near the high end of the mid-range for win­ter sleep­ing bags at $320. How­ev­er, I have not seen any as ver­sa­tile as the Py­ro Ma­ni­ac. I know I will be hap­py to have this bag this win­ter.

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