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Smith Variant Brim: Protecting The Essentials

Just checked weather, and what did I find? Snow! Pencil it in, even though it is not the winter solstice yet, winter is here and so let us celebrate! Snowboarding is one of the hip sports of the season, and you want to make sure you are properly geared up for it. We recently talked about the Smith Optics I/OX Goggles that are a perfect asset to have with you on those hills, but Smith makes more than just optics. Check out the video above to see it in use!

They also manufacture something that is an even bigger asset than eye wear- helmets.  Today we are looking at the Smith Optics Variant Brim men’s helmet. This helmet is perfect for any active winter sport, namely snowboarding or skiing. This particular helmet has all the basic important needs for a solid helmet: strong shell construction, lots of padding, and is very warm. This particular helmet comes with X-Static Performance lining and snapfit ear pads, which both help to make the helmet even warmer than a winter hat and very comfortable.

What is really cool about the Variant Brim is that you can ventilate the helmet if you get too hot. With a quick slide of the adjuster you can have a normal closed helmet or one with holes in the top to let in air flow. Another neat feature of this helmet is that you can choose to wire it for a Skullcandy Audio Systems. This way, you can easy get music through your helmet, which is a pretty cool idea. Although, if you are doing more dangerous stunts, it might be best not to have too many distractions.

We wanted to see how well the Smith Optics I/OX Goggles fit under the helmet and as predicted they were a perfect combo. The helmet is pretty easily adjustable for the right fit, but I can see some goggles not fitting as nicely as the Smith ones. I also found that the brim of the helmet was ok at holding the Smith goggles, but might not be ideal for other brands.

Like all of Smith’s gear, the Variant Brim is a quality high-end product with a high end price of $170, but if anything happens to you, your head will thank you for the investment. While we got to test out a matte black helmet, you can choose to get a matte white, matte graphite, cyan, matte fire, black/white, or a few other. Finally, like their goggles, this helmet comes with a lifetime warranty.

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