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Published on June 14th, 2012 | by Kira


rEvolve: Spin Me Right Round

Noth­ing is bet­ter than sit­ting in a com­fort­able chair and hav­ing your fa­vorite tunes. Well, one thing is bet­ter: be­ing able to take that chair where ev­er you go!

The rE­volve Chair is a well made, ny­lon, eas­i­ly opens and clos­es (quick­ly fits in its zip-close car­ry bag), light weight (11lbs, yet can still sup­port up to 300lbs), roomy (18″ by 21″ in the seat), full 360 de­gree swivel­ing, any­where bag chair. The one we got to play with even had speak­ers and a place to put your MP3 play­er. This is the per­fect chair for camp­ing or for back­yard BBQs. It is light enough to car­ry with you for a lit­tle bit, but I would not ad­vise go­ing back­pack­ing with it. It is ide­al for car camp­ing, park pic­nics, or that tail­gat­ing par­ty. It is great that it comes with built-in speak­ers, to help elim­i­nate one more thing that you might need to car­ry.

The speak­ers are made with a sin­gle per­son in mind, but you can turn them up (as long as the per­son in the chair doesn’t mind) and ev­ery­one can en­joy the tunes. I re­al­ly like the idea of hav­ing this chair for sin­gu­lar camp­ing trips, where the com­fort of the chair and your fa­vorite tunes are wel­com­ing.

The oth­er cool part about this chair is that it has a 360 de­gree ro­ta­tion. This gives you a lot more free­dom with your move­ment than most oth­er bag chairs, help­ing you catch ev­ery part of the par­ty. The goof­balls here took it for many spins (try­ing to see how fast we could go), and it not on­ly held up well to our abuse, but it swivels pret­ty smooth­ly.

All and all, is this a prod­uct some­one needs? Per­haps not. Is it a fun nov­el­ty that you can use, even if you don’t use the speak­ers all the time? To­tal­ly. As far as stan­dard bag chairs go, the rE­volve Chair is go­ing to be more ex­pen­sive, at $72, with its 360 de­gree ro­ta­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties and speak­ers, but those are the unique char­ac­ter­is­tics that make this chair stand out. If you think you can live with­out the speak­ers, you can find the chair for a lit­tle less at $67. How­ev­er, I would not both­er sav­ing the $5, and I would just get the speak­ers.

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