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Published on May 27th, 2012 | by Kira


Mountainsmith: Quick, Easy, Durable, and Inexpensive!

I have been camp­ing since I was a lit­tle girl. My fa­ther is the out­doors type and would of­ten drag the rest of us to weird rocks or holes in the ground in the mid­dle of nowhere. For many of these unique lo­ca­tions, the on­ly op­tion was to camp. This ear­ly ex­po­sure helped me a lot when I trav­eled across Aus­tralia car­ry­ing all my be­long­ings (and a tent). I had to cook my din­ners on an open fire. It al­so made a huge dif­fer­ence when my fa­ther and I de­cid­ed to hike for sev­en days in Guatemala to seek an­cient Mayan ru­ins. To say the least, I have al­so be­come an out­doors per­son, and of­ten have the itch to sleep un­der the stars.

This is why I am ex­cit­ed to re­view the Moun­tain­smith Gene­see 4 Per­son Tent (in lo­tus blue). While I am out on my out­door quests I want the last thing I wor­ry about to be where I am sleep­ing. I want a tent that is so sim­ple to put up that I can do it in the dark, if I have to. The Gene­see might not be quite that sim­ple, but it is pret­ty close. The smart­ly col­ored-cod­ed poles help speed up and sim­pli­fy the pro­cess, af­ter all. Along with easy, it’s pret­ty quick to get up. You can have it ful­ly ready to be slept in (in­clud­ing fly and guy­outs) in un­der 10 min­utes.

The next most im­por­tant part of a tent is how big it is. For starters, this tent weights about 6lbs, which means it is a lit­tle heavy- but doable- to take back­pack­ing, es­pe­cial­ly if its weight is be­ing di­vid­ed be­tween a few peo­ple. No mat­ter the num­ber of peo­ple, it is to­tal­ly per­fect for car camp­ing. At 56 sq feet for the main floor space, the Gene­see is rat­ed to be a 4-per­son tent, which al­ways re­al­ly means 2-per­son with a lot of space, 3-per­son with less space, or 4 small peo­ple who are very com­fort­able with each oth­er. I per­son­al­ly like this tent for my camp­ing part­ner, all our junk, and my­self. To help with stor­ing all that camp­ing gear the Gene­see comes with a gear loft and in­te­ri­or mesh stor­age pock­ets.

OK, what is prob­a­bly re­al­ly the most im­por­tant part of a tent is how well it holds up to the el­e­ments. With all the rain New York has been hav­ing I want­ed to see how well the tent would hold up to our tem­pes­tu­ous weath­er- so, I set it up on my roof. Oth­er than be­ing a to­tal­ly awe­some hang­out place, it al­so kept me dry. I would rec­om­mend a lit­tle bit of seal­er around the air vent on the fly, since I did no­tice a lit­tle bit of wa­ter on the in­side of the fly af­ter my ex­cur­sion.

When it isn’t rain­ing, it is nice to let a lit­tle bit of air in. I know I do not like to smell my dirty camp­ing part­ner if I can avoid it. The Gene­see has great ven­ti­la­tion with 2 mesh sides, two doors, and even the fly has ven­ti­la­tion win­dows.

I should note that this tent is on­ly rat­ed for three-sea­son flex­i­bil­i­ty. I per­son­al­ly avoid camp­ing in the win­ter any­way, but for you crazy peo­ple who like to freeze, I would sug­gest us­ing a dif­fer­ent tent those months. As for dura­bil­i­ty, all the stitch­ing, zip­pers and floor seem to be pret­ty sol­id. The big shock­er here is that this tent is on­ly $149, about two-thirds of the price for some com­pa­ra­ble tents from a few oth­er brands! I sug­gest grab­bing it be­fore Moun­tain­smith re­al­izes how much they can be charg­ing for it.

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