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Published on May 22nd, 2012 | by Kira


Smith Optics: Seeing the World A Little Clearer

The Tru­lyNet team is not afraid of the el­e­ments! We are hap­py to be out on our bikes even in rain, shine, heat, or snow. For me, liv­ing in Brook­lyn, it can of­ten take me half the time to get some­where on my bike ver­sus us­ing the sub­way. So, even if it were less than ide­al weath­er, I would rather rough it and save the time. It is al­so an added bonus that I get a work­out.

While none of us here are avid rac­ing cy­clers, we can still ap­pre­ci­ate the pro­tec­tion the Smith Op­tics Pivlock V2 Max of­fers us while dart­ing around the city or bik­ing for plea­sure. For starters, it tends to be about 20% lighter than the stan­dard lens­es, be­cause Smith Op­tics has found a way to min­i­mize lens thick­ness. They have 100% UVA/UVB pro­tec­tion, which is fair­ly stan­dard but still should be a re­quire­ment for you as you con­sid­er sun pro­tec­tion. As a cy­clist who is will­ing to bike in the rain and has a bad habit of touch­ing my glass­es, I was hap­py to learn that the lens and mir­ror coat­ing are pro­tect­ed by a per­ma­nent hy­droleo­pho­bic coat­ing, which re­pels wa­ter, dirt, fin­ger­prints, and grease. The wa­ter will ac­tu­al­ly bead up and dis­perse with­out streak­ing. Fi­nal­ly, all lens­es are al­so im­pact and scratch re­sis­tant. And even if you do some how find a way to mess up your glass­es, they have a life­time war­ran­ty (on­ly a year war­ran­ty if they are pre­scrip­tion though).

Smith Op­tics has de­vel­oped a very so­phis­ti­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy to in­sure that you have the best vis­i­bil­i­ty while rid­ing. They have found a way to ta­per the lens­es so that there is no light wave dis­tor­tion even at the most ex­treme edges of the lens. En­sur­ing that what you see is what is ac­tu­al­ly out there. On their po­lar­ized lens­es they have aligned the po­lar­ized lay­er in­side of the lens­es to tru­ly oblit­er­ate glare, re­duc­ing 99.9% of the “vi­su­al stat­ic.”

We here at Tru­lyNet al­so try to be eco-con­scious; so, it pleas­es us great­ly that all the Smith Op­tics sun­glass­es frames are 53% bio-based. Made from eas­i­ly re­new­able, non-ge­net­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied cas­tor plants, the Ril­san® Clear ma­te­ri­al makes the frames lightweight, durable, and ful­ly trans­par­ent. Even the FSC cer­ti­fied pack­ag­ing and co­conut fiber stor­age bag is green friend­ly.

The re­al­ly neat part about the Pivlock glass­es is that they have in­ter­change­able lens­es. The Pivlock V2 Max comes with the plat­inum, Ig­n­i­tor, and clear lens­es. These lens­es are ide­al for dif­fer­ent lev­els of bright­ness, from very bright to not at all re­spec­tive­ly.

It is very easy to switch out the lens­es. You just twist out the tem­ple pieces and squeeze the nose­piece to re­move it. The Pivlock V2 Max is great be­cause its nose­piece is al­so size ad­justable. This is ide­al for peo­ple like me who have a very small face. That be­ing said, I still look like a bit like a bug when I wear these glass­es.

Speak­ing of aes­thet­ics, the Pivlock V2 Max comes in 7 sleek col­ors: or­ange, white, mat­te graphite, caldera red, blue, black (this is the one we have), and acid yel­low. While the glass­es come with three in­ter­change­able shields (the plat­inum, ig­n­i­tor, and clear lens­es), you can pur­chase a num­ber of ad­di­tion­al lens­es if you are look­ing for dif­fer­ent col­ors or at­tributes.

The Smith Op­tics are in the same price range as Ray-Bans and oth­er high end sport glass­es. You can find the Pivlock V2 Max for $117.

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