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Published on May 13th, 2012 | by Rita


By Land Or Sea, Enjoy Summer With Camelbak

Sum­mer is com­ing, and for many that means a chance to hit the trails or the wa­ter. Whether your fa­vorite mode of trans­porta­tion in warm weath­er is on wa­ter, wheels or walk­ing, we have some­thing for you to­day.

You may re­mem­ber a few months back when I talked a bit about the Camel­bak Groove wa­ter bot­tle, and had con­clud­ed that while prob­a­bly not great for hik­ing, it’s a good bot­tle for dai­ly life. Af­ter sev­er­al months of use, my Groove has gone from be­ing a handy thing to have around to one of the things I nev­er leave my house with­out.More re­cent­ly I got my hands on an in­su­lat­ed Groove and I love it just as much. Once again, it’s a 600mL bot­tle, com­plete with plant based car­bon fil­ter and a leak-proof bite valve, but this one al­so has a sec­ond lay­er of BPA free plas­tic, that helps to keep the wa­ter in­side cool, and re­duces con­den­sa­tion on the out­side of the bot­tle. Both bot­tles fit in my wa­ter-bot­tle cage on my bike, and are amaz­ing to have when fly­ing. No more strange tast­ing wa­ter from odd air­port wa­ter foun­tains, be­cause those fil­ters re­al­ly do their job. Re­plac­ing them is a cinch too. Speak­ing of wa­ter bot­tle cages on bikes, I’ve al­so got a Podi­um Big Chill to tell you about. This 600mL bot­tle is al­so func­tion­al for bik­ers and non-bik­ers alike. In fact, due to it’s light weight, it would os­ten­si­bly even be good for a short hike, if you didn’t feel like go­ing with a full reser­voir. Of course, it’s de­signed specif­i­cal­ly to be used with a bike: the valve is a self-seal­ing jet valve, so there’s no twist­ing or turn­ing the valve, no pop­ping it up or push­ing it down. You pick it up, squeeze or suck, and put it back down. It won’t spill or leak when not in use. Once you’re off your bike you can twist it shut, and the pos­i­tive lock­out func­tion will in­sure that it will not get wa­ter all over you or your bag, even if it ends up un­der­neath things.

Last up is the Molokai SUP vest. For those of you who don’t spend much time in Hawai’i or on the wa­ter, SUP is stand-up pad­dle­board­ing, and is a re­al­ly fun sport that can be an amaz­ing work­out, or a great way to un­wind and re­lax. (There are even peo­ple who take their SUP boards out and prac­tice yo­ga on them!) I don’t of­ten get the op­por­tu­ni­ty to test a prod­uct in the most lit­er­al sense of the word, but in this case I did. My pack went with me to the is­land of Molo­ka’i, and joined me on an 8-mile long ride along the south shore.

The bag it­self is chock full of neat-func­tion­al things. It’s made with­out any met­al parts, so noth­ing can rust. The fab­ric is wa­ter-re­sis­tant, so it dries quite quick­ly, in the event you end up in the wa­ter. There is a pock­et for a lum­bar PFD, as well as a safe­ty whis­tle, sun­screen, small snack, and even stor­age for your keys and phone (pro­vid­ed it’s safe­ly in it’s Life­proof-case, or oth­er wa­ter­proof case). There is even a hol­ster for your pad­dle, so that you can have free hands to use said sun­creen or snack. The idea is that you have what you need with you, in­clud­ing 2L of wa­ter, so that you can stay out on the wa­ter for hours, if you care to.

I feel like this is a first at­tempt by Camel­bak, and while there are some re­al­ly good fea­tures that should be kept- the ex­e­cu­tion of this par­tic­u­lar pack still needs some re­fin­ing. The bag got passed around to sev­er­al friends, and the on­ly one who was tru­ly com­fort­able in it was the guy who is 6’ tall and 160lbs. The pack was too big for me and an­oth­er wom­an who is short­er than me, de­spite be­ing quite ad­justable. Nei­ther of us were able to get it to fit snug­ly- both of us weigh around 115lbs, she’s 5’5” and I’m 5’8”. Two men, be­tween 6’1” and 6’3” and 190 and 220 lbs, both with ath­let­ic builds, felt it was too small. To be fair, there are three dif­fer­ent mod­els of SUP hy­dra­tion packs, and the oth­er two may be bet­ter de­signed for wom­en and men who are slight­ly larg­er than av­er­age. I would love to see Camel­bak make the Molokai in a cou­ple of sizes though, be­cause the con­cept is great.

As al­ways, get out, keep mov­ing and have a great time!

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