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Published on May 9th, 2012 | by Kira


Pop Outerwear: A Fashionable Fleece

With the pre­sent bipo­lar weath­er in New York City, a good fleece is very use­ful to have around. How­ev­er, like most NYC wom­en, I need some­thing that is go­ing to com­ple­ment my new de­sign­er jeans and that hot new shirt that just came out. Alas, the con­stant strug­gle of stay­ing warm and look­ing good con­tin­ues.

Lucky for us, no­body knows how to stay warm bet­ter than snow­board­ers from British Columbia, and the snow­board­ers who cre­at­ed Pop Out­er­wear like to make it fash­ion­able to boot. With a slo­gan like “built for the snow, de­signed for the city,” you can have con­fi­dence in your look and stay warm while liv­ing in New York City. As we know, this is some­thing that most fash­ion­able wom­en’s cloth­ing does not of­fer.

I had the plea­sure to re­view Pop Out­er­wear’s wom­en’s fleece, which has be­come my new fall back out­er­wear. It has a classy sporty fash­ion feel that goes well with a pair of jeans and sim­ple shirt. The dark grey col­or goes with pret­ty much ev­ery­thing and looks great on ev­ery­one. I am, how­ev­er, not the biggest fan of the blue trim on the pock­ets and the lo­go. I feel it adds to the sporty look of the fleece and dis­tracts from the sleek­ness of the grey, but that is more of a per­son­al pref­er­ence thing. It does come adorned with an asym­met­ri­cal col­lar, which speaks fash­ion and New York to me. I love to see cre­ative de­tails like that in my cloth­ing, and I think it class­es up the fleece.

Be­cause the Pop Out­er­wear fleece is thin, it can be eas­i­ly worn as an ex­tra lay­er be­tween your coat and shirt or as a quick pull-on in the evening af­ter a warm day. The ad­vance de­sign of the fleece al­so makes it as warm as a hoody with­out it be­ing as bulky or mak­ing you look like you are still in col­lege.

Over­all, I re­al­ly en­joy the Pop Out­er­wear fleece, but I do have two qualms with its de­sign that I feel I should note. I love thumb holes as much as the next girl, which makes it even more frus­trat­ing that I can not use the thumb holes that come with this piece. I am not sure if it is the de­sign, that the sleeves are just not long or flex­i­ble enough, or that there is too much fab­ric, but when­ev­er I try to use them they cut in­to my hand. My oth­er note is less of a com­plaint and more of a point of con­fu­sion. I can on­ly guess that the de­sign­er of this pieces was male be­cause the zip­per is on the mas­cu­line side. This isn’t a big deal, it just throws me off a lit­tle ev­ery time I want it take it off.

For a stan­dard fleece, the Pop Out­er­wear fleece is on the high­er end at $89, but since it comes with a de­sign­er fash­ion­able flair I feel it is a fair price.

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