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Published on February 13th, 2012 | by David


Patagonia Updraft: An Excellent Ultralight Jacket

Patag­o­nia is best known for their tech­ni­cal out­er­wear- the com­pa­ny’s fleece and down jack­ets, wa­ter­proof shells, and Capi­lene base lay­ers have been sta­ples of the out­doors com­mu­ni­ty for decades. How­ev­er, the com­pa­ny has re­cent­ly be­gun to ex­pand in­to more ur­ban prod­ucts, de­signed to of­fer high per­for­mance in a stylish, city-friend­ly aes­thet­ic. I re­cent­ly got a chance to try one of these prod­ucts: the new-for-2012 Up­draft jack­et.

The Up­draft is made out of Gore-Tex’s newest Pa­clite ma­te­ri­al, a thin 2.5 lay­er tex­tile that us­es an oleo­pho­bic car­bon lay­er (rather than raised dots or a hang­ing lin­er) to pro­tect the del­i­cate wa­ter­poof/breath­able mem­brane. The re­sult is a very light, pack­able gar­ment that’s easy to stuff in­to any bag you hap­pen to be car­ry­ing.

Ev­ery de­tail of the Up­draft shows off its ur­ban de­meanor. From the mut­ed col­ors to the sim­ple sil­hou­ette to the stow­away hood, its plain ap­pear­ance hides its tech­ni­cal DNA well. I could have done with a slight­ly more tex­tured, fab­ric-like hand to the gore-tex (the green col­or­way looks flim­sy in the wrong light), but that prob­a­bly would have added weight to this ul­tra­light jack­et. The pock­ets warm hands well with wa­ter­proof zip­pers and wind flaps, and the hor­i­zon­tal chest pock­et hides a head­phone passthrough for a phone or mu­sic play­er.

It’s re­fresh­ing to go out in a jack­et this light. It re­al­ly feels more like a wind­break­er than a rain jack­et, but I wore it through a few tor­rents, and can at­test to the Pa­clite’s com­plete im­mu­ni­ty to wind and wa­ter. Gore-tex breatha­bil­i­ty will nev­er match a true soft­shell, but Pa­clite seems like their best at­tempt yet- I have yet to feel clam­my even dur­ing mod­er­ate ex­er­tion on a bike. The thin­ner-than-usu­al fab­ric does in­su­late less than typ­i­cal 2- or 3-lay­er lam­i­nates, but al­lows more flex­i­bil­i­ty to lay­er. I usu­al­ly wear it with a sweater around town, but worn over an R3 Hi-Loft fleece jack­et, it han­dled a be­low-ze­ro New Mex­i­co wind chill just fine.

The Up­draft does come with com­pro­mis­es, though- in an ef­fort to dif­fer­en­ti­ate their ur­ban and tech­ni­cal lines, Patag­o­nia seems to have skimped on some of their usu­al fea­tures. Want pit zips, a hel­met-com­pat­i­ble hood, or gus­set­ed arms for easy move­ment? Go with the Su­per Cell in­stead- made of the same ma­te­ri­al and a few bucks cheap­er, it of­fers a trim­mer sil­hou­ette, and all the tech­ni­cal fea­tures you would ex­pect from a $250-plus jack­et. Ei­ther way, it’s hard to go wrong- you get a weath­er­proof, lightweight jack­et backed by Patag­o­nia’s ridicu­lous life­time guar­an­tee.

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