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Published on December 13th, 2011 | by Rita


Great Gifts: LifeProof, Camelbak, Earjax

From time to time I en­counter things that re­quire lit­tle by the way of dis­cus­sion, in light of ac­tu­al per­for­mance. Re­cent­ly a cou­ple of these things crossed my path, and I’ve found that the fastest way to con­vince an­oth­er per­son of their worth is hands on. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, much like our lack of smell-o-vi­sion and fly­ing cars, I can’t hand you an ob­ject to con­vince you of it’s worth. So, I will do my best to talk about these things; but please be­lieve me when I tell you that ev­ery­thing I’ve got in store for you to­day my words aren’t go­ing to do jus­tice.

Near­ly ev­ery­one I know has a smart phone of some sort, and near­ly ev­ery­one I know scram­bles to pro­tect that pre­cious lit­tle com­put­er in their pock­et ev­ery time it starts to rain. I al­so have my fair share of friends who are car­ry­ing around phones with spec­tac­u­lar cracks across the glass dis­play. If I were a bet­ting kind of per­son I’d guess you know one or two of those peo­ple as well. Learn­ing the dif­fer­ent ways friends have killed their phones has ac­tu­al­ly be­come an en­ter­tain­ing pas­time, my cur­rent fa­vorite is the friend who dropped spilled red wine on his phone, and then dropped it in choco­late fon­due. What if I told you that there’s a way to pro­tect your beloved iPhone from salt wa­ter, sand, dirt, snow, red wine, choco­late fon­due, be­ing dropped from heights, or near­ly any­thing else you can dream up?

I give you Life­Proof. This case, which adds mere mil­lime­ters to the length and width of your phone, ef­fec­tive­ly pro­tects your phone from any “nor­mal” sit­u­a­tion that would pose a threat to it’s well-be­ing. I say nor­mal, be­cause if you’re that per­son who needs to run your phone over with a truck to prove that a case is de­struc­tible, this case may not be right for you. All the rest of you, how­ev­er, are in for a treat. Life­Proof cas­es, which are avail­able for both the iPhone 4 and 4S, are wa­ter­proof and shock­proof up to 2 me­ters (6.6 feet). Be­ing wa­ter­proof means it’s sealed against snow, dirt, snow- in oth­er words, life.

iPhone screens work by mon­i­tor­ing changes in elec­tri­cal cur­rent; be­cause wa­ter is a con­duc­tor that elec­tri­cal cur­rent gets dis­persed be­fore the phone can reg­is­ter it, so us­ing the touch screen while un­der­wa­ter is not an op­tion. Turn­ing the video cam­era on, though, def­i­nite­ly is an op­tion, and the world of un­der­wa­ter movies is your oys­ter, so to speak- see our ex­am­ple! Since my iPhone has donned it’s Life­Proof case I have stopped car­ing if it rains, if there’s mud and if sand gets on my phone. The best tes­ta­ment though, is how many peo­ple I know bought their own af­ter see­ing mine in ac­tion.

I wouldn’t rec­om­mend us­ing Ear­jax Lyrics Ear­buds un­der­wa­ter, but cer­tain­ly they’re worth hav­ing around for al­most all oth­er sit­u­a­tions. They’re about as close to cus­tom made stu­dio ear­buds as you can get. Ev­ery­thing about the way these are con­struct­ed are de­signed to let you for­get that you have ear­buds in at all. The sound qual­i­ty is well bal­anced, and the com­fort is up there among the most com­fort­able ear­buds I’ve ev­er worn. The qual­i­ty def­i­nite­ly speaks for it­self, once you’ve giv­en these a try. Bonus for be­ing on se­ri­ous sale for the hol­i­days!

The last thing I want to talk about is my Camel­bak Groove wa­ter bot­tle. This bot­tle, while not ide­al for tak­ing hik­ing or trekking, is per­fect­ly amaz­ing for dai­ly life. The rea­son I say it’s not ide­al for hik­ing is be­cause while it holds 600mL of wa­ter, there is al­so a car­bon fil­ter that adds a fair amount of weight. I say go with your reg­u­lar An­ti­dote reser­voir for hik­ing. The Groove is per­fect for hav­ing with you at work, even if you’re around com­put­ers, due to the flip top bite straw that pre­vents spills and leaks. The fil­ter is ef­fec­tive in re­mov­ing chem­i­cals, heavy met­als and oth­er par­tic­u­late from tap wa­ter, which means your wa­ter is go­ing to taste great. Best of all there is no plas­tic taste that any­body who has used a hy­dra­tion sys­tem or reusable wa­ter bot­tle is fa­mil­iar with. The car­bon fil­ter is good for 3 months, and as easy to re­place as un­screw­ing the lid.

I give a hearty thumbs up to any of these items for the hard-to-shop for per­son on your gift list. All of these are fun as well as prac­ti­cal, and there may be some good prices to be had as well!

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